Judith Leger
Fantasy romance
Available from Lyrical Press
ISBN: 9781616504014
September 2012

The story begins with Shay Evers, incredible illusionist performer in a limo with his friend Rhys going to his show. They pick up his agent, Lance, who starts questioning him as to why he wants to be interviewed by local reporter Caitlyn Reiley. There is obvious tension between Shay and Rhys, though we don't really understand why. We then meet our girl, Caitlyn who is returning to her station and is told her boss wants to see her. Many of us know that feeling-when a boss suddenly wants to you to go to their office for no apparent reason. She has a quick conversation on the phone with her friend Marcy who is trying to convince her to go to the Shay Evers show that night! Squeeee! Okay, I felt that was perfect for this since Marcy spends much time squealing to Caitlyn about how wonderful Shay is. Turns out, Caitey's boss wants to see her because Shay's agent called and said Shay wants her to interview him.

This is very much a faerie tale with Caitlyn being the princess who must solve a riddle by her twenty-fifth birthday. It turns out that the evil witch, Gwyneth, kidnapped the princess with the assistance of Shay, the court jester, though the faerie king & queen call him their Muse. Shay must try to convince Caitlyn magic is real and try to help her solve the riddle. Caitlyn just doesn't understand how Shay does his show, and so completely doesn't believe magic can exist at all! In the meantime, Marcy, a photographer from the station and Caitlyn travel to Wales to do the interview there, and no, Marcy isn't part of the station, she had just hooked up with Shay's music tech and he invited her to come with him. The reporter in Caitlyn doesn't understand some of the ‘magic' she sees, and she feels that what Shay tries to show her in her dreams are just that, dreams.

I have read many fae stories by different authors so I kind of expected Ms.Leger to use the same fae rules and I'd see faeries having sex left and right. She didn't use those rules at all and made this all her own. I enjoyed her bringing in the Vanir and even Tyr. This is a good story. Caitlyn's growth through this was so complete and parts were just plain funny. She and Shay had incredible chemistry and attraction and all the supporting characters made the story even better. I really loved the tale all around, had moments of thinking one character or another was an idiot and was on the fence as to whether Caitlyn was one of them. I was so thrilled when I completed the book and felt nothing but happiness for Shay and Caitlyn. What an excellent faerie tale!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
November 27, 2012

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