Fairytale Wedding

Janice Bennett
Historical romance
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419939051
April 2013

This story begins on a snowy day with Miss Georgiana Simms, Georgie, feeling trapped in a room while her charge Miss Louisa Granleigh argues with Charles, or Lord Carlisle her fiancé. But this is a period story so I guess the correct term is betrothed. Sigh. Louisa is a very beautiful, blond seventeen year old who totally got used to having society at her beck and call. Around page six is when we meet Earl of Whitfield, or to his friends and cousin, Vare. Besides agreeing to be groomsman for Charles, he also agreed to assist with the planning of the wedding. I have to say I really hate Louisa and everything she does. Georgie tries her best to rein her cousin in, but Louisa is way too spoiled and sure of the rings she expects Carlisle to jump through so she can have her way.

Ok, so Vare and Georgie try to well…try to interfere without actually looking like that’s what they’re doing, but it isn’t easy. The reason for the story’s title is Louisa was determined to have a huge, society, fairytale wedding. She even demanded it snow! Basically, Louisa made demands and expected her chaperone to run around and do all the work. Georgie really thought she’d go insane. Vare could see Louisa for what she was immediately, but he also saw Georgie. He kept trying to help, which is fine, but Louisa wouldn’t back down on her demands. I saw the words ‘my wedding’ coming from Louisa's dialogue almost every page, if not several times per page. It was really annoying.

Georgie is older, on the shelf and has worked as a governess before becoming Louisa's chaperone. Everything Louisa likes and wants to be a part of are the things Georgie could not care less about. I did really enjoy Georgie and Vare trying to assist in the wedding planning and getting to know each other. The problem for me really was the fact we saw very little between them without Louisa showing her evil head somewhere. I'm afraid that ruined the story for me. There is a publisher’s note about this story being published somewhere else saying it was expanded for this publication. I did not read the original so I am unsure what changes were made. This story is slow paced. I will admit I spent a good chunk of time obsessing about how terrible Louisa is and how much patience Georgie must have for me to care about the story. I also spent that same time hoping Carlisle would shake himself out of his 'Louisa stupor' and not even show up for the wedding. Alas, that didn’t happen. I love the time period but this is more of a Regency Bridezilla tale than a romance.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Teresa T.
June 27, 2013

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