False Pretenses (Rod and Cane Society 2)

Cara Bristol
Contemporary romance
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-8547
June 2012

Emma's new boyfriend has a secret and he isn't sure that he should share it with her. But Dan is going a little crazy with the thoughts that are running through his mind -- Emma across his knees, the image of his hands coming down on Emma's very delectable backside, the sting of the contact and the sight of her backside turning a very pretty pink. But Emma is totally vanilla and spanking isn't an option for her. Or is it?

Freelance journalist Emma has found the perfect story to further her writing career. She goes undercover to expose the dirty little secrets of the Rod and Cane Society which is an organization that encourages men to spank their wives. What Emma didn't count on was her boyfriend being a member of the Rod and Cane Society or the fact that once she got her first taste of his discipline she would be hooked!

In False Pretenses, the second book in the Rod and Cane series, author Cara Bristol sets the pages on fire with a delightfully sensual and naughty temptation the reader won't be able to resist! With a steady pace, Ms. Bristol allows each scene to develop, luring the reader into the story, holding their attention and keeping them on the edge with her action-packed plot, her attention to detail and her sense of humor followed by lots and lots of hot spanking and love scenes that are frequent and intense. Dan and Emma are deeply drawn, memorable and realistic characters whose relationship, right from the start, is sexy, sweet and hot, as the two navigate their sexual attraction with some interesting and erotic scenes that are sure to have the reader fanning themselves from the heat. The twists that Dan and Emma's relationship takes is compelling and the depth of their feelings for each other is intense, deep and lasting with a few bumps in the way to create some interesting and highly entertaining moments. Readers will grin in delight at the sexy spanking antics as Dan shows Emma just exactly how good a spanking for discipline or for fun can be! The author superbly helps the reader understand through her characters why spanking works for Emma and Dan along with the struggles that Emma feels the first time she receives a spanking. Fans of Unexpected Consequences will enjoy appearances from Jared and Melania whose friendship with Emma adds depth to the story and the plot. Emma's cat, Jinx adds a nice touch to the story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
July 23, 2012

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