A Friend In Need

Rosalie Stanton
Paranormal romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781595789341
April 2012

Clarice St. Clair works as a librarian at the university in her town. Clarice was short and I guess bland where her younger sister was tall and apparently beautiful. Clarice's favorite professor, while a student there, was Professor Weston Ryans... and he still is. This story begins on Carice's twenty-fifth birthday. Her mother takes her to lunch and tells her she is about to be the bride of Asmodeus, demon of Lust...you know, seven deadly sins, seven princes of hell. Mom and dad made a bargain with the demon so they could have children, the price being the oldest child. Weston Ryons teaches religious studies and overheard them speaking about this deal. He goes into overdrive trying to do research to help her.

That evening, our girl Clarice is still denying that her parents would do such a thing and that demons even exist. She is interrupted from her ruminations by Pixley, Asmodeus's agent who has come to tell her about the contract, etc. Let's face it. Every girl on her birthday wants to hear that she has to go through physical changes so she can be with the demon. She has to become a succubus. Apparently, this demon dude is hard to satisfy and brings in a few hundred new wives a year. After Pixley's exit, we have the entrance of on Professor Ryons. He has arrived to try to find loopholes to the contract and to help Carice with her change.

I learned more about demons in this story than I did in many years of Catholic school. I thought the relationship between Clarice and Weston was good and the story intense. Although I have to admit, I've never read a story that referenced snot bubbles. I didn't love this story and I didn't hate it either. What I didn't like at all about the story was the name Clarice. Every time I read her name I got the heebie jeebies remembering Silence of the Lambs and the characters in the movie. Ms. Stanton gave us a better than acceptable story. My favorite part was actually meeting the devil. I did love him quoting the Rolling Stones song... Sympathy for the Devil.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
August 6, 2012

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