What a Girl Wants

Selena Robins
Contemporary romance
Available from Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60504-982-3
April 2010

Maddie had a big work trip coming up soon. But that wasn't all she had on her mind. Her co-worker and best guy friend, Alex, was constantly on her mind, doing wicked things no less. So she has decided to go for it, have wild unrestrained sex with no strings attached. But first she has to convince Alex it will not change their relationship. Second she has to convince herself that once she has a taste of her sexy friend that things will be able to go back to strictly - hands off friends.

Fantastic! I loved every minute of this novel! It is full of seduction, romance and lots of family dramas. I thought all the characters were well written, with great personalities. Maddie is a hoot. She is so energetic and enthusiastic! As you go with her on this journey a lot is learned of her past and what has shaped her into the wonderful woman she it. Alex is a hard core reporter, not afraid of going into danger if it means he gets the scoop. But when it comes to love, he is scared to death. Their journey is sexy and fun all at the same time. The story is much more than just the blooming love though. It takes you in lots of directions where you meet all kinds of people, from the eccentric to the love able. This is one of my favorite types of novels. The seduction of a reluctant man makes the victory sex oh so sweet. I thought this novel was great, and recommend it to anyone looking for a great love story with some awesome tropical settings. If you like the hard to get this is for you!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Ammie
September 7, 2010

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