Heroes and Hunks

Christine Poe
Contemporary romance
Available from Wings ePress
September 2002

Twyla planned Heroes and Hunks Magazine to save her family’s newspaper. She had to make a go of Heroes and Hunks, and not only to save the newspaper. Her sister Jewel had conned her into a promise that, if the magazine was profitable enough by Twyla’s birthday to buy out the other one-third owner of the newspaper, Jewel would help do that. If not, Twyla had agreed to sell the newspaper, get married and have babies who would grow up near their cousins. In the five years since hunky cowboy Luke had left her standing at the altar, Twyla hadn’t even dated seriously. Heroes and Hunks had to save the newspaper – and Twyla.

She’d lined up hunky heroes to interview, and had advertised for a photographer – envisioning a woman who’d see just what would appeal to women readers. When photographer Brad showed up at Twyla’s door – tall, lean, all-male from his dusty cowboy boots to his dark wavy hair – Twyla turned him down flat. Then she had to eat crow and hire him after all. Brad even had the perfect truck to drive them throughout the Southwest to interview and photograph the hunks.

Twyla did her best to ignore the electricity that sizzled between herself and her gorgeous photographer. Brad flirted and played the part of the protective man in her life. He photographed the hunks as she interviewed them. He made rude remarks when they flirted with her and pouted when she flirted back. He visibly bristled as the men described their most romantic fantasies, each making clear that they’d be happy to play out those fantasies with the petite blue-eyed blonde asking the questions.

Twyla was not interested in a cowboy. Brad was very interested in Twyla. Her main ambition was to save the family newspaper. His was to buy back his family’s ranch, then settle down there to raise a family. Their growing connection was clear to everyone but Twyla.

By the time she realized he could be – make that truly was – the man for her, things were in a royal tangle. Jewel was in love, the deadline for the first issue of the magazine loomed, and Twyla’s orderly world had dissolved into unmitigated chaos. Christine Poe’s Heroes and Hunks is a true-to-life comedy ranging from amusing to slapstick, with doses of sweetness interspersed with hints of darker mysteries. It’s great fun and a doubly satisfying romance. Keep writing, Christine!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual

Reviewer: Chas Ridley
June 23, 2003

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