He Speaks Dead

Adrienne Wilder
Paranormal romance
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-896-7
July 2012

Charlie Harrington is very much in love with Ethan. Their life together would be near perfect if Ethan wasn't dead. Charlie's ability to see, speak and virtually feel the dead keeps this unusual relationship going. When Charlie is accused of murder, detective Daniel Briggs, assigned to the case, makes his presence known. He's big,sexy and the attraction between him and Charlie is palpable. Ethan senses this and feels Charlie should act upon the attraction, believing Briggs is what he needs. Charlie disagrees. In the past they've used strangers as vessels for sexual release, but Briggs is much more than a stranger. Even so, Charlie will love Ethan until the day he dies. Unfortunately, that may come to pass sooner rather than later.

This one had me hooked from the beginning and I was hard pressed to stop reading until I reached the end. Some of my chores got pushed aside because I was so much into this fantastic book. I like what the author accomplished with this story. It had all the elements to make this a great paranormal escape read. Even though it's dark in nature the romance between Charlie and Ethan keeps it light. Their ghostly relationship is sweet, sad, funny and surprisingly sexy too. I liked both of the main characters immensely. I had to warm up to Briggs but in the end he was definitely like the hero. I absolutely adored Charlie and Ethan. I was also hoping for a happy ending having to restrain myself from reading ahead. It's a complete story with great characterization and a strong plot. The author certainly knows her characters very well. She skillfully maneuvered the complicated relationship between these three men. Ethan's voice is the strongest here as he has the most to lose. You get that he loves Charlie deeply but at the same time you feel his pain regarding circumstances he can't change. This story ticked all the boxes for me. The ending was all it should be and more. I highly recommend.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
August 2, 2012

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