Huntress for Hire

Ali Atwood
Sci-fi romance
Available from Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-110-2
February 2012

Kat Monroe is a private investigator who has an interesting heritage; she is a huntress with predatory speed and fast reflexes. She only uses her gift when necessary, but lately that is becoming more frequent. A futuristic serial killer is on the loose and is targeting her. Max and Brett Jericho have been chasing him through time for many years and are hoping Kat can help catch him. When Max and Brett blow into her life, Kat doesn't know what to think or believe until she sees proof of what they can do. Now together can they stop a madman from targeting more women or will this be Kat's last assignment?

Kat is a great protector in her own right, but even she knows her limits and realizes she needs Max and Brett's help to keep her safe. While trying to fight her attraction to two men, Kat must learn more about her heritage and why the madman is after her. Max has to learn that some things are a given and with Kat in his life, things will be more intense and adventurous as long as he can keep her alive. When the sparks fly between the trio, Kat decides to open herself up and enjoy the ride while it lasts because nothing can last forever right?

This was a fast-paced, action-packed story that delivered on the promise from the blurb. The chemistry between Kat, Max and Brett is phenomenal. Max and Brett have sex appeal and Kat has a little innocence mixed in with cynicism from past relationships. She doesn't believe that anyone that sexy could want her let alone two sexy men. Overall, this is definitely a book to have in your library! The action is great and the sex is out of this world HOT! Definitely a book I will read again and again.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: JCaraway
May 21, 2012

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