The Journey to Whitestone

Johnny Ray
Paranormal romance
Available from Sir John Publishing
October 2012

Jacquelyn Parker's life is falling apart. Her ex is stalking her and he causes enough trouble in her life and work to get her fired. Without an income, she has to move in with her mother, and her mother's lecherous boyfriend. Finally, out of options, she hitchhikes to a romantic place for her, Gatlinburg, TN, in the Great Smoky Mountains to look for a new life and a true love. In her dreams, she meets the Dream Master who, with the help of enlightened teachers, guides her through the levels enlightenment to Whitestone, an alternate path to Heaven where she can be with the true love she has missed throughout time.

Even knowing this was considered a paranormal romance didn't help me understand it. Jacquelyn's character is as confusing as the plot as she tries to be bad and good at the same time. Her ex-husband dragged her into a dark world while they were married which is part of why she lost her job. Her alter ego as "Jack" from that period of her life is despicable. Even after she vows to change her life, I can't understand why the "Universe," in the form of her Dream Master guide, wants to help her find her true love. I just couldn't learn to like the character. The series of "teachers" that mysteriously appear and disappear in her life to teach her everything from how to eat to yoga made little sense until the very end and then she hadn't worked enough at any of the teachings to justify this special level of existence. It was as if the author just wanted to showcase different philosophical disciplines.

The Journey to Whitestone is book one in the Dream Master series. I wasn't impressed enough with the book to read the next installment. I understand this is the experienced author's first attempt at a paranormal novel. I would call it more of a psychological fantasy because it doesn't have any of the usual aspects we think of as paranormal.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
December 19, 2012

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