Power Play: Kelsey and the Executive

Selena Kitt
Available from Excessica
ISBN: 9781609826086
May 2012

You'd think graduating with your bachelor's degree would actually help you get a job that your now qualified for. But sadly, Kelsey finds herself a secretary. An executive secretary, but still a secretary. When mistakes and laundry day cause her to get the attention of a secret admirer and has her boss threatening to spank her, she can't help but keep up her minor rebellion to see what will happen. Will it turn out to be the office flirt just having fun? Or could it possibly her boss with a much deeper intent?

This is the first book in Ms. Kitt's Power Play series, but the books are basically stand alone stories with a similar theme of the strong alpha male catching the submissive woman meant to be his. The one thing that seemed a bit off to me was the fact that this book is listed as a BDSM story, when to me it should have been a contemporary romance with a hint of BDSM by Oliver. It's done in a very subtle way that feels far more primal and loving, just like their sex scenes, than the negative connotation control can have. This was a good book and it was fun watching the dynamics between Kelsey and Oliver unfold.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Amy Hopkins
August 2, 2012

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