Lady Sin

Dany Sirene
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-846-2
May 2012

Mistress Ruby Sin is a professional Domme who whips men into submission. She is in demand, her business is thriving and she is keeping a secret. She should be happy but there is one person she has desired for so long and he is a fantasy that can never be.

When Matt sees Mistress Ruby for the first time performing on stage during a fetish party at a local nightclub, he is fascinated, stunned and shocked by the beautiful redhead with the cruel streak as she ruthlessly dominates the submissive on stage. Matt can't stay away from Ruby. There is something about her that keeps him coming back for more but he knows that their relationship is only a passing one and that sooner or later it will have to end or will it?

Author Dany Sirene takes readers on heated journey between two lovers with glimpses into the darkness of passion, the harsh reality of human nature, and redemption while maintaining a tightly coiled plot line that seems to pull the reader along. Ms. Sirene makes Matt and Ruby's relationship the focal point of the story, although at times the pace slows and the action becomes overly heavy. The author does include scenes of joy that help to lighten the tone.

Ruby and Matt are complicated, strong and intense characters who are distinctively voiced and require the empathy of reader that will have them torn between tears, heartbreak and ecstasy. Ruby and Matt's relationship has choice amounts of passion, betrayal and heartache that carries a hefty, gut-wrenching emotional depth that will have the reader riveted. The crisp and realistic dialogue keeps the characters moving ramping up each scene perfectly. The BDSM scenes are explosive, sexy and when Ruby submits to Matt, the chemistry between them seems to sizzle to combustible levels. Readers will find themselves fascinated and lost within the pages of Ruby and Matt's turbulent and passionate relationship as the lovers work towards finding forever within each other's arms.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
August 8, 2012

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