Foxy: Last Resort

Cynthia Sax
Paranormal romance
Available from Changeling Press
ISBN: 05769-01849
June 2012

Sloane finds Ren impossible to resist. She wants to be with him, but she's not sure what Ren really wants from her. Ren knows that they belong together and will do anything to get her to admit it. Will he be able to convince her or will his insistence scare her away? Will she be able to let go of her self doubts and believe that she can be the woman who has captured Ren's heart?

I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. This is a fast-paced story that is filled with cute banter and a very steamy sexual encounter between the two main characters. I liked Sloane even though she doubted that a man like Ren could really want her because of her not-so-perfect body. Ren wanted her as she was, in his heart and eyes her body was perfect. I loved the way that they made each other laugh with their silliness. I liked Ren too. He didn't let anyone or anything stand in his way. He wanted Sloane in his life, and this time he was not going to let her go. The love scene between Ren and Sloane is sizzling hot. This story contains a very explicit love scene and language.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Janie Esparza
August 14, 2012

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