Letters to Her Soldier

Hazel Gower
Contemporary romance
Available from Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-411-5
May 2013

Warrant Officer, Caleb Sutten isn't about to let the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers. For the last five years, he has treasured every one of her letters that she has written to him where she has poured out her soul and dreams with the pages of each letter. It is through letters that Caleb has fallen in love with her but it is her letters that have kept him sane. Each time he has been home on leave Bianca has avoided him but this time things are going to be a whole lot different; this time Caleb is going hunting and Bianca is the target and he isn't about to stop until he makes her his, forever.

With her utterly enchanting voice, author Hazel Gower gives readers a wonderfully written story that draws them into this romantic tale that will have them sighing in delight. The idea that a man would fall in love with a woman through her words is quite simply endearing. And if the man was rugged, strong, confident, smoking hot and willing to treasure his lady all the more reason to fall a little in love with the story as well the hero and heroine. Bianca is a sweet and loving heroine who is a little insecure with her beauty and charm, not seeing herself as others do but it is through Caleb as he storms her walls as well as the love that his family feels for her that is she able to blossom into a woman secure in her worth and the love of her man. The heated sensuality between Caleb and Bianca sizzles along with the tender delights that are just plain captivating.

Even though Letters to Her Solider is a short story it packs quite a punch. Ms. Gower makes the most of each scene for the reader's enjoyment, although this reviewer would have loved there to more depth and pages to the story. Caleb and Bianca are two memorable characters who make it very hard to say good bye too by the end of the story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Shannon
June 25, 2013

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