Taryn Kincaid
Paranormal romance
Available from Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 9781613333976
October 2012

I say this before I review any story from the 1Night Stand series, so here goes. This is a series from Decadent Publishing. All the heroines and heroes in this series either have friends who send them to, or they hear about, Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service 1Night Stand. The entire series is written by different authors. Keep in mind I have one hundred and one of this series and have, or will, review seventeen of them.

This story begins with Lily Night watching maintenance hang a diploma in her office while she reminisces about her senior year prom date. That was her first time having sex and her date was her good friend Campbell Jones who she put into a coma for two months. You see, Lily and her sisters, Dagney and Zena, are succubi. Lily was so traumatized by what she did to Campbell she doesn't have sex often, never dates and really tries to stay away from humans. Zena brings up the 1Night Stand website and convinces Lily to try it. Campbell came out of his coma and was very hurt that Lily and her sisters disappeared. He's spent the last ten years thinking about her, wondering about her and still wanting her. Camp and his younger brother Sean run a business called By Jones, Camp being the architect and Sean the contractor. Sean convinces Camp to fill out the 1Night Stand forms and get a date to the ten year high school reunion.

Lily waits for her date to show, semi-disgruntled that Madame Eve didn't give her the name of her date. Her date does show up, late, and he happens to be Campbell. She almost panics and calls off the date but decides she needs some closure. Camp totally wants to spend time with Lily, at least for his closure. The cutest part of their date is Camp still driving the car he drove them to the prom in. Lily, in her mind for sure, keeps referring to him as a mortal or a human. I was just pleased she didn't refer to him as a naked ape. Or maybe I wasn't. The two went to their old high school with picnic basket, blanket and food. They mostly have some smexy time, but they also actually communicated.

Ms. Kincaid wrote us a clever, paranormal tale. I enjoyed Camp not being a stereotypical 'human' in the story about a paranormal woman. I was completely amused Lily wasn't the typical succubus and actually had morals and could feel guilt. I don't want you to think this is an uptight story with nothing fun or hot in it. Wow, it had enough of both to make it a one shot read and I mean I didn't put it down! I have other work by Ms. Kincaid and am reviewing her other 1Night Stand story (with Camp's brother Sean) so I hope you can tell I like the story, the series and the author!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
December 10, 2012

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