Love Everlasting

Marisa Chenery
Paranormal romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-948-8
June 2012

Brand has known Elsa was his mate for seven years. But believing she was too young at sixteen, he never made a move on her. Now though with her having broken up with her fiancée, he's prepared to make her his.

Elsa could use a distraction from her life, and Brand seems like the suitable rebound guy. When he asks her on a date, she jumps at the chance even though she doesn't know anything about him.

Ms. Chenery has outdone herself again in this series. I really enjoyed the plot and the dialogue from the beginning, because it illustrated how much Elsa wanted to move on from her disastrous relationship with her ex and how much Brand wanted her for his own. The sex scenes were hot, and revealed the attraction between these two very nicely because Brand had known Elsa was his mate for so long. What I liked so much about Brand was his willingness to step aside for as long as he did, but the moment she was rid of her ex he made the move to pursue Elsa. While with Elsa, I liked that she was able to turn to someone else so quickly after her break-up with her ex. Then again, with an ex like him, who wouldn't want someone new?

Overall, this book was a brilliant read and I loved how it ended. In addition, I hope that this series continues because I can't wait for more.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Bec
July 23, 2012

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