Master of the Hunt

Mandy M. Roth
Paranormal romance
Available from The Raven Books
ISBN: 9781452462530
October 2011

This is the third story in Mandy M. Roth's King of Prey series. I read Kabril and Rayna's story as part of an anthology from a different publisher years ago and loved it so I bought and read the second and third stories too!

This story begins with Prince Aeson arguing with his brother King Kabril about whether he needs a mate or not. Sorry, I guess I should be explaining about this series. The heroes are all Hawk shifters from... not another planet but another dimension I guess. They have to use special portals to get through to Earth and the Hawks have been at war for what seems like forever with the Falcons. So yes, this is kind of an avian West Side Story but without the singing and dancing. Sigh, I digress. The King calls for the Seers to come and auger Aeson's mate. They come and see she may not live long which launches us into a fast paced story where Aeson searches out his mate on Earth and has to convince her to be with him. His mate is Shelby who he finds on a date with a very creepy man. That scary man, Roland, is basically a serial rapist/killer, oh what fun. Our girl Shelby happens to have visions of things which help her help others. She is assisting the police with the killings of several women and that is how the killer targets her.

Now, Aeson meets her and she is floored by him, she doesn't understand why she feels so safe with him either. Due to a few things that happened on her date, Aeson takes her home and meets her father Rhios and her brother Shelton, both are very protective of her. It turns out he knows her fathers from the wars, her father is also a hawk shifter! He swears to protect her and takes her to his home in the bird kingdom, er, avian dimension. You know, basically the place where all the avian dudes live and fly around. Shelby has had visions of his home before, she just thought it was a fantasy or something. He spends his time courting her and they certainly have their smexy time too. Can I just say that the Roland guy is quite frightening? He totally gave me the heebie jeebies.

This story had its moments, good and not so good, it also had its funny times. I loved how Kabril and Rayna's four year old triplet sons started flirting with Shelby when they met her. I especially loved how Rayna and Shelby bonded while discussing the chauvinistic qualities of their mates. Ms. Roth certainly gave us a heart stopping little tale with Master of the Hunt. Wow! Now, in general I prefer cat shifters in my romance, but she has me sold on these bird shifters!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
May 19, 2013

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