Mauled by Destiny

Viola Grace
Sci-fi romance
Available from Extasy Books
ISBN: 9781771114547
February 2013

his story begins with one of those 'horror movie - teen angst' moments when Priina went somewhere she wasn't supposed to be . . . smelled blood and kept going. All I could think for a few minutes was, duh! Go home before the bad guy gets you! I mean really! Ok, back to the review. The town, city, country (not really sure) she lives in, Cial, is circled by a huge wall. They are taught as young kids to never go outside the wall. Apparently whatever gene pool they come from is highly adaptable, so when they initially settled on the planet and suddenly had run-ins with the other inhabitants, they built the wall to keep themselves pure, or something. Ok, Priina goes through the wall looking for two missing animals. She is attacked by the thing that killed them. She's saved by another 'animal' of some kind and crawls back to the correct side and sends for help. Cial is run by women and men only have positions in service. She doesn't even know her father's name! Because she has survived the attack, she is no longer allowed back to her home so they ship her off to Citadel Thoola, an all girls academy of sorts where they can learn to control their gifts.

Sigh. Six years later, two gentlemen arrive to test her for placement at Citadel Lowel. Keep in mind, Sector Guard was the initial series, which I loved, and Ms. Grace has built upon it with not only Guard bases but learning centers such as the Citadel. Hopefully this explains the name of the series. Basically, the attack on Priina ends up turning her into a shapeshifter. She has spent the time in Thoola learning to shift and control her new ‘gifts’. She takes the physical tests for the men, and ends up joining them for further training at Lowel, only it isn’t built yet, so they arrive on the planet Balen, which we learn all about in Tears Of The Star (the ninth book of the Sector Guard series). Okay, not only does she learn new skills, she flourishes on the planet and eventually falls in love with the second gentleman who came to retrieve her, Rhanos Garvik. Rhanos just happens to be the man who saved her, a shapeshifter and her mate.

I have read all of this series, Terran Times and The Sector Guard by Ms. Grace. They are all in the same universe she created so while the stories are all different, they aren’t jarring. I happen to really enjoy this series, and this story too! Ms. Grace writes with her usual humor, drama, love and even some smexy time! I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time, which is always very cool! If you haven’t read anything from these series, I highly recommend them! I also recommend starting with Freak Factor which is the first from Sector Guard and Soul Keeper which is the first of Tales of the Citadel. They are all stand alone stories, but having read them all I recommend reading them in order. I’m just a geek that way.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
April 24, 2013

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