Ménage a Fairy

Anna Keraleigh
Fantasy romance
Available from Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 9781771303101
March 2013

This is the fourth book in the A Fairy Novel series. Yes, I've read them all. I recommend reading them in order so you can learn about this world from the beginning.

This story begins with Annalise basically being saved from drowning by a green haired fairy. Yes, a fairy! Of course, no one believes her and this leads to her being taken for psychiatric evaluation. Then we go to our green haired fairy, Wick. He is one of several fairy warriors fighting the war against the trolls. There are only a few mated fairies, he not being one of them, so besides being lonely he sometimes doesn't want to be around the happy couples. Sigh. This brings us to an adult Annalise sailing the shores or Ireland looking for her fairy. Her partner in this quest is her lover Jayn, an ex New York cop. The two ladies are truly in love and while Jayn doesn't believe in fairies and the paranormal she does believe in Annalise.

So, Annalise, on her daily hike to find a fairy falls and waits for rescue. Meanwhile Jayn is worried since Annalise is late and is hiking the woods calling out for her lover. Wick is walking the perimeter when he hears Jayn and finds out Annalise is missing. This leads to Wick kissing Annalise, Jayn becoming enraged at witnessing this and trolls sending a message to King Carrick saying they want peace now. Okay, even I am too cynical to believe that, but alright then. So, the Fairies are a little stressed from the peace offering they don't trust, from Queen Brook being very pregnant and because Annalise cannot decide between Jayn and Wick. Oy. Alright, it is unclear to me how old Annalise is at this point but I do know she’s young. At least she acts young.

I thought it was very funny when Annalise was the one who was with Brook when her labor began. I almost expected Annalise to start quoting Prissy from Gone with the Wind about birthing babies when Brook goes into labor but I have the impression she's too young to have even have heard of the movie. Now, I must tell you all that I have been reading romance novels for at least twenty years and what makes them romantic for me is more than just the smexy time. The story has to have a happy ending! While Ms. Keraleigh has given us another good story, with twists as well as a shocking turn, in my opinion it doesn't have a happy ending. I was very upset and angry with her surprise and it was all I could do to not tear the story apart. It really is a great series. I loved the first story, Fairy Flavor, the most but this story just kind of took my enthusiasm away.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
June 13, 2013

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