Laurann Dohner
Paranormal romance
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419940552
May 2013

Dr. Joyce Yards knows she's in serious trouble as her attraction for 466 seems to grow each time she tries to reach him with their therapy sessions. It doesn't matter that he is stubborn, pushy and down-right ornery he is also proud, sexy and honorable and the only thing on his mind is getting the lovely doctor naked and under him. As their session's heat up Joy knows she must leave 466 behind and walk away before any damage is done to her reputation too bad her heart will never be the same.

When the NSO calls on Joy to help with 466 now Moon when he has become dangerous and feral after being drugged by a dart she is their only hope to reach through to Moon since she is the only woman he has ever cared about. But is it too late for Moon? And what will happen if Joy gives her body to Moon, he already has her heart?

Author Laurann Dohner never ceases to amaze with each exciting, bold, fresh and fast-paced adventure that she writes. Moon is a story that truly grabs ahold of the reader with its well-defined and appealing characters, quick dialogue, emotional pull, genuine struggles and delightful attraction between the hero and heroine that is magical, memorable and smoking hot. The vulnerability and prejudices that the New Species must face in each story seems to endear them to the reader as they work to overcome deep, dark hatred and fear while trying to live a normal life with the woman strong enough to love them and fight for the injustices that they must face.

Readers will enjoy Moon and Joy's story that is brimming over with passion, misunderstanding and trust that creates quite a few tense, sexy and touching scenes. Ms. Dohner's gift for humor, sensuality and conflict with her characters as well as the danger and tribulations they must face in their fight at a chance at forever is always intriguing and entertaining and Moon is no exception. Like all new species Moon is a proud, gallant and honorable man who is willing to fight for his friends as well as his lady love. Joy is totally in love with Moon and there is nothing she won't do to save him even though she might find her heart broken she would sacrifice anything to make him well and happy. The reader catches glimpses of the playful and a little naughty side to Moon but it is the uncontrollable and savage personality that controls him through most of the story that has the reader on edge waiting to see how the story plays out. Quite a few characters from previous new species series are featured in this story which portrays the bond of trust and friendship that exists between the new species as well as the levels they are each willing to go to in their will to protect each other from harm.

Moon is the perfect addition to this absolutely delightful series and shouldn't be missed!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Shannon
June 13, 2013

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