More Than You Know

Cerise DeLand
Contemporary romance
Available from Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 9781613333655
October 2012

This story begins with Luke Hurley working the bar at a hotel in San Antonio, Texas. He is almost obsessively waiting for a woman to come into the bar. He has no idea what her name is so he refers to her as Rita Hayworth since he says she looks like that old time movie star. What he does know about her is that her son will be getting married in the hotel the next day. In the meantime, Rita is a tad stressed, I know that surprises you all. She's had public words with her ex-husband and now her soon to be daughter in-law, Tamara, is basically throwing fits about where she will be sitting during the wedding. Her son, Josh stands up to his fiancé about where Rita sits and so Tamara stomps away. So in other words, this could be almost anyone's wedding.

Well Rita seems to have become obsessed with Luke the bartender, so for a few weeks so would come in for a drink before becoming inundated with wedding drama. Her ex is on his fourth wife who is younger than her son, Tamara wants to make her daddy happy by not having an ex-wife in the front pew, Josh isn't quite sure what to do about it since Rita's more of a mom than any of his father's other wives were and Rita really just wants quality time with Luke. And boy, when the two of them get that time it is pretty amazing time!

Ms. DeLand has written a very hot and sizzling story! Yes, it's a short story, but she gives us all the little details which make this not only a well written story but gives us all the elements for a romantic love affair. I loved how Rita was always a lady, even when she was standing up for herself, and Luke was always a caring gentleman who wouldn't allow anyone to mistreat his woman. Yes, the two of them have incredible chemistry but this story isn't all about the sexy time. And even if the story was about the sexy time it would still be an excellent story!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
December 11, 2012

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