The Good Sinner's Naughty Nun

Georgia Fox
Paranormal romance
Available from Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-927368-17-6
November 2011

Thierry Bonnenfant and his men were charged with safely transporting holy relics from England to Normandy. As they spend their last night in England they discover the relics comes with eight nuns. Thierry was a lover of women, all women, all except nuns. He had little consideration for the intruding Brides of Christ. Sister Vivienne, a very undignified nun, made demands for the comfort of the nuns but her real agenda was stealing the key Thierry held for the priceless treasure hidden with the relics for her master, a wicked Bishop in Normandy. Could she seduce the warrior who had few scruples beyond his fear of nuns?

This series just keeps getting better. Each book is sexy and true to the historical time period, the Norman conquests in Saxony. And each installment of The Conquerors tales shows more of the personalities and emotions of the characters than the one before. They are all connected as a minor character in one book will be the main character in the next so you feeling like you already know these people. Vivienne is a sly seductress that has met her match in Thierry. He has his suspicions about what she is but what is he going to do with her?

Be sure to check out the previous erotic books in The Conquerors series: The Ever Knight, The Virgin Proxy, and The Craftsman. The ending of The Good Sinner's Naughty Nun was a total surprise and one of the best I've read in a long, long time. The next installment, The Wagered Wench, promises to be just as good.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Kathy F.
November 13, 2012

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