Razor's Edge: New Beginnings

Dirk Tyler & Kameron Brook
Erotic fiction
Available from Razor's Edge Press
ISBN: 05691-01823
May 2012

Mitch and Eileen are a married couple with one heck of a relationship. Their story was so hot I thought my Kindle was going to melt. So, Mitch is an ex-army man who just cannot get enough of his wife. Eileen is almost a sex siren and she just loves Mitch to pieces. They decide one day that maybe their sexual relationship isn't spicy enough. As I write that, I am rolling my eyes thinking, "huh?"

They find a couple of web sites that specialize in swinging couples. Yes, I did say swinging which I guess I had my own preconceived definitions for. Those definitions weren't wrong, but they weren't correct either. Let's just say that Eileen and Mitch wanted a couple to not only have sexual relationships with, but also an actual friendship with. At no point in the story do I feel that this couple was not in love or didn't care about each other.

Mr. Tyler and Ms. Brook gave us an incredible story. The problem I had with it was that I expected there to be more action with the couple they meet with. The majority of the story is very intense and sensual lovemaking between Mitch and Eileen. Ashley and Travis are not introduced until almost the end when the four meet for drinks. It was good, and I was hooked from page one. In the case of this story, I wish it had been at least a few pages longer. I fully intend to read anything more they write!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
August 6, 2012

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