One Night with a Hero

Laura Kaye
Contemporary romance
Available from Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62266-803-8
October 2012

Brady Scott had a tough life growing up and it's starting to have an effect on his life now. In order to deal with his anger issues, he's been sent stateside from his life in the Army where one night he meets the delectable Jocelyn 'Joss' Daniels, a woman dealing with problems of her own from the past. When she offers him sex as a one-night only deal, Brady jumps at the chance not knowing that she's going to be his new neighbour.

The plot of this book was well-written and totally captivating just like the first of this series that depicted Brady's sister, Alyssa as the heroine and his best friend Marco as the hero. What I enjoyed about this plot was how a night of such delight could turn the lives of two people so drastically for good and bad depending on whose point of view. The dialogue was very intense because both characters had lived tough lives growing up which was reflected by the emotional twists and turns. The sex scenes were full of passion, revealing how strong the attraction between Brady and Joss was. What I liked so much about Joss was her tough girl attitude and how she managed to deal with her accidental pregnancy with such gusto instead of making rash decisions that could end up all wrong for her. While with Brady, I liked how much he adored his sister and cared for her, even though they'd had a rough time growing up and he thought that he wasn't capable of love.

Overall, Ms. Kaye has done a marvellous job of penning this novel which was extremely enjoyable to read and has me craving to read more stories for this series in the future.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Bec
December 5, 2012

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