Roadside Assistance

Heidi Champa
Contemporary romance
Available from Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 978-1-61124-277-5
May 2012

Harper and Clark work in the same building and have been carpooling. They are best friends. Harper has been in love with Clark for some time, listening to his stories as a friend about his love affairs and boyfriends. He's determined to tell Clark how he feels. But when the time comes, he's too afraid to let the words out. They have a long standing 'date' of sorts on Thursday nights where they hang out together and drink at a pub. The actual story begins on a Monday, and after the prerequisite caffeine stop, they get stuck in traffic.

By Wednesday, Clark is meeting a guy who is in town for a few days... on Thursday night, pub night! Still, Harper says nothing. He just gets snippy which in turn makes Clark more than snippy in return. By Thursday, Clark is having dinner with Finn (the guy from out of town) and Harper is getting drunk at the pub. He's disgruntled and irritated. He finally admits out loud, to his cousin Alan, he's in love with Clark. Friday comes and Harper has a terrible hangover, is cranky and still hasn't heard from Clark.

Harper is on his way to the car and found Clark waiting, needing a ride home. It's not a fun or joyous ride... there was an accident which causes Harper to exit the highway, then a storm and finally the car died. This did actually lead to the fun part, the two of them were able to be honest with each other and rally cut out the usual garbage. I have to say, I have read several of Ms. Champa's stories and I looked forward to reading this because I enjoy her work. This is a well written story. I just really, really hated Harper and couldn't wait for the story to end. Again, I am a fan of Ms. Champa, I'm just not a fan of this story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
August 14, 2012

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