Satisfying the Curse

Kelly Gendron
Romantic suspense
Available from Red Sage Publishing
ISBN: 9781603108133
May 2012

The book begins with Juliana (Ana) Pratt and her friend/bodyguard Josie Deetz watching a Mixed Martial Arts Fight in a stadium. What's fascinating about their interaction is the way the two communicate. Ana has led a very sheltered life, girls' schools, no dating and only seeing her father once a month. One of the athletes they are watching is known as 'The Kid' and while Josie isn't really paying attention to him, Ana is. She actually uses the anatomical terms for various body parts when discussing them and Josie and I totally did not get it. She feels that the brainwashing her father has always given her is true and she really does have a curse. Basically, if she is less than a virgin, she will turn into a whore.

Sigh. I'd like to state at this time, I never thought she was cursed and I meant it when I wrote her father had been brainwashing her. In, eventually, walks in Agent T. Ryker. His job is to protect our girl. She makes him crazy, especially when she decides he should be the man who helps her with the curse. It is especially humorous when she refers to his lips by their anatomical names. Ryker is protecting her on her way to her father's trial. Daddy Pritchard is in jail and will be on trial for murder, but she doesn't know it's the murder of Ryker's beloved aunt. Poor Ryker is just beside himself, he's very attracted to Ana and yet he will do whatever it takes to see Pritchard go to jail.

Wow! Ms. Gendron really socked it to us with this story! It is very gripping and the suspense really kept me on edge. I have to say her descriptions of Daddy Pritchard really filled me with rage at what he was doing to his daughter. I alternated between being very disturbed by Ryker and his attitude or really just liking him. Well, I thought it was annoying that Ana was using all those anatomical words rather than regular terms, but she stopped in the second half so it wasn't as bad as it could've been. It takes quite a few story twists and turns so that Ana and Ryker can deal with their pains and emotional wounds. I actually thought for a few moments that this would not end well, but I loved what Ms. Gendron did with the story and how she kept all of us on edge. The how it was done ending was a heck of a surprise!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
August 2, 2012

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