A Scandalous Creature

Deborah Fruchey
Historical romance
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ISBN: 9781460974377
March 2011

The widowed Lady Kate Helleston is taking her ward, Letitia, for her first season in London. The naughty young heiress has her own ideas about the kind of man she wants as a husband, and because she and her aunt get along very well with each other, she knows the kind of man she wants to fix up as Lady Kate's new husband as well. Kate has no intention of finding a husband to replace her abusive one. When she discovers problems with her estates that, as a woman, she not allowed to control, she finds that she needs a husband that would allow her freedom to do as she wishes. Her childhood friend, Johnny, now a duke, has an heir and no real need for a wife, so he will do quite well at the job as husband number two.

The story is a pleasant Regency period novel with some unexpected twists and turns. The character of Kate is very independent and confident for the time period and her background. Letitia is spoiled but does love her aunt and wants her guardian happy. Johnny, now a Duke, is always easy going and supportive. All in all, a bit too good to be true but for this story, it works. The story, meant to be a comic farce, is amusing and benign with love winning out in the end.

The story is typical of the early prudish Regencies, sweet, with no lovemaking. My only fault with A Scandalous Creature is the language. It's a long book and filled with every period cliché and cant that the author could find. Some of the language probably isn't acceptable for the class level of the characters, but the dialogue is filled with the kind of phrases that people supposedly used at the time to the point it is difficult to read. It's like trying to read something in a foreign language that makes you stop every few words to figure out what was said. If you are fond of Regencies and know the speech patterns, you will enjoy the story. If not, it will be a difficult read.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Kathy F.
December 4, 2012

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