The Selkie

Rosanna Leo
Paranormal romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781595789723
September 2012

This story begins with our heroine Maggie having a bad day. Okay, a really bad day. She loses her job then walks into her fiancé's office to find him receiving oral sex from his administrative assistant. Sigh. Maggie handled it better than I would have. So, she takes a few temp jobs and keeps having strange yet erotic dreams of a seal and a man. Then, she finally hits rock bottom when her grandmother in Scotland passes away. She heads to the island for the funeral and is still sort of in shock to have lost Gran. Gran left everything to Maggie, including a seal skin she found on the beach. Maggie does eventually meet the man she's been dreaming of and he turns out to be the Selkie looking for his skin.

Calan Kirk pretty much distrusts human women and well, Maggie just doesn't trust men anymore. He tells her the truth and she thinks he's crazy. It's sad and amusing how these two dance around their attraction. So as the two are searching for his pelt, Gran's home is broken into by two men, her ex shows up from Canada wanting her back, two friends of her grandmother are continually turning up for tea and Annette, the barmaid he broke up with follows them into a pub and basically threatens them. All in all, Maggie feels terrible since her luck with men is abysmal, her Gran is gone and she doesn't believe any of the old tales about Selkies and magic. Calan is missing his skin and at first doesn't believe it when she tells him she will give it back to him, no strings attached.

Ms. Leo has truly given us a magical tale set in a small Scottish island of Orkney. Not only do we meet Calan, we meet his family too! She interspersed the tale with humor and plenty of smexy time. I loved the twists she gave us and the way the Calan and Maggie grew together through them all. This is a great story! Now, I'm just waiting with great hope for the tales of some of Calan's brothers. He has six of them and five of them are single. So, yes, I think Selkies may be moving up on my list of favorite, magical, shape shifters!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
December 27, 2012

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