Siren's Serenade (The Wiccan Haus, Book 4)

Dominique Eastwick
Paranormal romance
Available from Musa Publishing
ISBN: 9781619372511
July 2012

This is the fourth book of the Wiccan Haus Series from Musa Publishing. Wiccan Haus is on an island off the coast of Maine and it is magically protected with a thick fog around is, and a magical boundary beneath the surface as well. It's kind of a paranormal spa yet they do have regular humans go there also.

We begin this story with Serena, the middle daughter of the mermaid queen, being scolded by her mother for not luring and killing men so they can reproduce. She really wants nothing to do with that, she'd rather save sailors and others on the sea. She's given a year to find a man and basically get pregnant. She signs an agreement with the staff of the Wiccan Haus to not use her magical gifts (singing and hypnotizing men) and she stays in a bungalow near the beach. Human guests arrive via boat, Paras via a portal, and never the twain really meet. Here is where Kaleb Theldon enters the scene. He's a human, Coast Guard search and rescue. He's sent to Wiccan Haus because he saw his best friend taken by a mermaid during a rescue.

Serena tries to keep herself away from the humans, Paras all stay away from her because she's a mermaid, but Kaleb sees her and manages to meet her. He doesn't really know what she is, he just knows he's never met a woman like her before. Serena, for her part, is almost completely bowled over by Kaleb. They begin a relationship of sorts which is very cute since she doesn't understand half of what he talks about. In the meantime, one of the other Para guests is an injured were-shark there for some healing. Serena works with her in the water to assist her with her magical healing. Kaleb is sent to classes that seem like he's training and yet all he really knows is that he wants Serena to come back with him to his job for the Coast Guard.

I have read all four of the Wiccan Haus books, and they were quite good, and none are dependent on the others. It does help if you read them in order so you understand the supporting characters and the 'rules' of the island. I've said this before in another review I wrote here for Hunting J.C. by Ms. Eastwick, but I will admit freely that I am addicted to her stories! I have loved what she's written for Decadent Publishing but I adore what she does with Musa Publishing. Her Wiccan Haus characters are excellent and her twists and turns keep me riveted. I was quite pleased she didn't give us stereotypical mermaids and Paras and I actually thought Kaleb was an awesome hero! I always keep my eyes open for Ms. Eastwick's work and for the next addition to this series!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
October 3, 2012

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