Slave to His Desires

Ashlynn Monroe
Sci-fi romance
Available from Beachwalk Press
ISBN: 9781937325008
July 2011

Madison Edwards is captured while walking back from her dance class. But wait a minute: they're aliens! She arrives at this primitive looking but highly technological place to be sold as a sex slave. Jul senses her fear but she's beautiful and he decides to buy her to satisfy his needs. What he didn't know was that she's much more precious than meets the eye...

This story started with a bomb like explosion! Action from the first page and it continued, fast-paced, until the end of the epilogue. Slave to His Desires is a tale about how the feelings between two people can make a difference, even if you have to take some risks. This book is a sci-fi title with a paranormal/vampire touch that doesn't interfere and adds a special taste to it. The characters are very richly written. I loved Jul, he's the sweetest thing. Madison steals a couple of laughs from the readers, which makes the story fun too. There's also some BDSM elements, but nothing excessive that would characterize this book as BDSM.

I enjoyed reading Slave to His Desires so much that it left me wanting for more. I would've loved to read it as a full novel, but maybe we can expect a series? There was a question about the healing that wasn't answered, but I hope she'll explain that in the future. Maybe at the next book? I hope Reo's story is on its way!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Nat
July 30, 2010

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