Something Shifty

Erin M. Leaf
Paranormal romance
Available from Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 078-1-77130-336-1
March 2013

When professor Seth Dustin meets rocker Dex Connor, his world shifts. A nice friendship turns into something more. Sometimes though, things aren't what they seem. When secrets are revealed and jealousy rears its ugly head, Seth wonders if being alone was the better option. But in all honesty living without Dex would hurt more.

The title perfectly fit the book. In a genre where every other story is about shifters,the author tried to bring something new to the table.The spin was to some degree interesting but what really held my interest was the connection between Seth and Dex. They defined the word mate in terms of friendship and lovers. They had a close friendship before becoming lovers which made the sex even hotter. The supporting characters and other ensuing drama helped make the story enjoyable. Some parts did drag a bit for me and I wasn't overly fond of the twist. However, two hot shifters destined to be together made for a pretty good read.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
April 8, 2013

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