Sugar Girl

Nicole Austin
Available from Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61333-353-2
October 2012

After the death of her father, Candy Dillon has reassessed her life and goals. One of those decisions was to move back home to be closer to her mother. Imagine her surprise when she runs into Jeremiah Lange, her childhood friend and love, now a country music star and champion bull rider. Once he sees her again, Jeremiah is determined to not miss this opportunity with the girl he's loved forever. Especially when he learns that his sweet girl isn't so shy in bed and in fact, manages to push all his dominant buttons and love it.

I loved Candy and Jeremiah! The story starts out as a really sweet and fun reunion story as Jeremiah encourages Candy to do the things she wants to do. Then they hit the bedroom and holey moley does the heat level jump, and again I loved it! Jeremiah is suddenly this incredibly alpha man with a dominant streak that Candy just keeps encouraging. To me, this wasn't a bad thing at all, but some people might see this book listed as BDSM and expect a bit more than there is. It's really more of a spanking and light dominance story. Now I'm off to find more books by Ms. Austin!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Amy Hopkins
December 4, 2012

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