Taking Over Me

Sarah Brookes
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419944680
March 2013

When Allison stopped in at Perfect Shot on its opening day, all she's hoping for is a good cup of coffee. But that looks like an impossibility when she sees the long line of customers, the ancient malfunctioning computer system and the incredibly frazzled but hunky employee. Luckily, Allison knows she can help and it has the added benefit of guaranteeing her coffee for herself. Patrick is thrilled when Allison comes to his rescue, but he's also incredibly intrigued with by her. He knows he wants to get to know her better but he also trusts his gut feeling that Allison would make an incredible submissive. Allison revels as Patrick introduces her to the pleasure of submitting and they're both enjoying the best sex of their lives. But can they each fit into the others lives outside of Sanctuary? Or will their differences tear them apart just as they've found each other?

I loved this book and I can't wait to read more of this new series, Geek Kink. There is something wonderfully normal and familiar about both Allison and Patrick that had this book feeling a bit different and fresh, at least compared to some other BDSM books I've read. Now I want to make sure that I don't give anyone the impression that this is a boring book because it isn't at all! Ms. Brookes has written a wonderful book that has some absolutely incredible sex. Let me put it this way, make sure you have a cool drink handy when your reading this, and lucky for us there's plenty of these great sex scenes. I also love that the conflict in the story is the type of conflict that we've all experienced or seen with our friends. The kind that seems to either bring a relationship together or does indeed come between them.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Amy Hopkins
April 25, 2013

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