Tangled Leashes

Jet Mykles
Paranormal romance
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-578-2
April 2012

Meg is a witch that became the Grand Dame of the southwest United States by accident. Okay, so she may have killed the old Grand Dame but it was only because she was trying to kill her first. All she ever wanted was to avoid such a situation and look at her now... a Grand Dam. The fates have to be laughing themselves silly over this one. They just love to play such games with witches. Plus, she inherited a coven of withes that have been abused by a jerk trying to take Meg's power, but that is another story. She is one of the few witches who can leashe more than one shifter and she has three. She is in love with the first two she ever leashed, Michael and Rudy, but she is in denial of the third one, Logan. Michael is a panther with witch skills and Rudy is a werewolf, Logan is a lion. All three love Meg, but Rudy does not want things to change and is having problem accepting Logan. Michael and Rudy have a past together and were lovers before Meg leashed them. Somehow Meg's magic made Michael's magic stronger and he leashed Meg to him even though he is still leashed to her. Leashes will tie the shifter to the witch, who holds the leashe, and it is attached to their neck and balls and well you can guess where hers is. Needless to say, if something happens to the witch it can cause great pain even death to the one that is leashed.

Things are coming none of them could have foretold and they must be strong and stand together or be destroyed.

This is the third book about Meg and I just love her. Of course I am really in love with Michael, Rudy and Logan. They are sooo hot and lucky Meg she has all three of them really in the palm of her hand. So sit back get a drink and get ready for a great book.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Ronda
August 21, 2012

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