A Taste for Trouble

Gina Gordon
Contemporary romance
Available from Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-937044-69-5
February 2013

Liv Crawford has been having a hard enough time getting her bakery ready for its grand opening, she never dreamed of adding a relationship into the mix until she meets Jake Miller. But when circumstances keep preventing her from being able to open, it seems someone is out to make sure her dream of owning her own bakery doesn't become reality.

Jake Miller isn't above seducing a woman to get what he wants, and what he wants is a promotion. All he has to do is get Liv to meet his boss. Sounds simple enough, however, the more he gets to know Liv; the more he sees deceiving her isn't in his best interest if he wants a chance at a future with her.

The plot of this story was very interesting. I enjoyed the suspense elements of someone preventing Liv from accomplishing her dream of owning a bakery, although I did suspect the culprit early on in the book when things started to go wrong for Liv. The dialogue was well-written, and the initial introduction of the hero and heroine to each other was great. There was so much sexual tension that it was hard to put the book down because I wanted to see what would happen between them. The sex scenes were hot, and revealed the intense chemistry exceptionally well, even when both Liv and Jake weren't looking get involved.

What I liked so much about Liv was her determination to see her dream become a reality, even when there were so many setbacks due to someone not wanting her dream to come to fruition. While with Jake, I liked how much Liv changed him. That she came to be more important to him than his job.

Overall, Ms. Gordon has done a wonderful job penning this tale and I can't wait to read more of this author's work.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Bec
June 13, 2013

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