Thrown By a Curve

Jaci Burton
Contemporary romance
Available from Berkley Publishing
ISBN: 9780425253458
March 2013

Alicia loves her job as a sports therapist for the Rivers baseball team. She has held her tongue for months while observing Garrett, star pitcher, walk all over his therapists and not seeing an improvement with his shoulder injury. Her outspokenness gets her elected to being his main therapist. She utilizes new and inventive ways and eventually Garrett sees some results but not quite what he hoped for. They have become closer as each week passes. But will his bullheadedness jeopardize their chance at a happily ever after?

Can I just say this was a great book? I read the last page and wanted to cry because I wanted to keep reading about the Riley family and friends saga! This is the fifth book in the Play by Play series, and the cover of this one is just a great as the other covers.

Garrett is the typical star athletic in a lot of aspects -- arrogance, confidence, and sexiness. However, he is also sweet and down to earth. Alicia is a member of the Riley family and she embodies everything they stand for. She remains true to her beliefs even though it would have easier for her to change her mind just to be accepted. I really liked how the story unfolded with the sex scenes enhancing their relationship and not taking over the story. The whole cast of characters drive the story forward and the plot and pacing were spot on. I highly recommend this book as well as the previous four books in the series.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Lisa Freeman
April 20, 2013

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