Tip of the Iceberg

Saloni Quinby
Sci-fi romance
Available from Changeling Press
ISBN: 05838-01872
July 2012

Lucien is the majordomo at the great house where Ross, the new leader, has come to reside. In their society there are many rules and regulations that everyone must follow. Having an affair with the new leader would certainly break one very important rule. It's hard for either man to adhere when the desire to be with each other is overwhelming. Lucien has always been smitten with Ross. Nnow that he's in constant contact, it's going to be a struggle containing his desire. It's even more difficult and enticing when he realizes Ross is equally drawn to him. Will breaking the rules in the name of love be their downfall?

This was a very engaging, sweet and spicy short love story. Even though it's set in a time of fierce political battles and intrigue, the main emphasis is on the loving. The main characters had a very strong connection from the start. It was interesting to see the relationship grow from affection to love. When you're enamored with someone, then finally meet that person, will they live up to your expectations? For Lucien, the answer would be yes. Besides the sweet loving part of the story, there's some angst and intrigue in relation to Lucien's position in society. The sexual scenes are hot and steamy too. As a whole the story was complete, a little different that I'm used to by this author but I found it quite enjoyable. A good read.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
August 3, 2012

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