Trained To Destroy

Viola Grace
Sci-fi romance
Available from Extasy Books
ISBN: 9781771114943
March 2013

This is Book Twenty of the Tales of the Citadel Series by Viola Grace. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to have read them all or in order, but in this case I do recommend reading Heartbeat of Silence (Tales of the Citadel, #18 which I reviewed here at The Romance Studio) before reading this one.

This story begins with a secret conference call (of sorts) about what they all consider ancient myth, the tales of the Destroyer of Ichadra. Well, apparently Raiders don’t really think it’s a myth and are all over Ichadra digging for the weapon. Of course the Sector Guard sent someone in. Yes, I’m grinning. So from there we see the Raider camp and their dig for the weapon. Eventually, our Guard, Hidden, uses his abilities and manages to get to the Destroyer. There she is, standing in armor, asleep yet waiting to be called for battle. He wakes her, offers her a job with the Guard and a chance at freedom. The whole time he’s speaking to her his hairs are standing on end from all her power. He knows she’s not a woman to be trifled with.

Eventually, after their escape, the two introduce themselves. Hidden, or Jarrod, is a member of the Sector Guard and Destroyer of Ichadra, or Wacorathi Quen, or Rathi spends all the time on the shuttle catching up on a thousand years of planetary, Alliance, Citadel and Sector Guard history. After arriving at the base, Rathi is immediately taken in hand by Olaris, we met him in the ninth Sector Guard story, Tears of the Star. When Rathi goes for her medical exam the doctor starts getting completely freaked out by the fact she was able to control the machine herself and get out of it while the scans showed no extra brain activity. You know, you’d think he would be more nervous by the fact she is the Destroyer of Ichadra! So doc freaks out Olaris, who sort of freaks out Relay and it continues on down the line. In the meantime, after the doc and company are all nervous wrecks, a cute, fuzzy creature introduces himself to Rathi. He is one of the Yaluthu who we met the in the Heartbeat of Silence, and Rathi's Yaluthu is Targo.

Now, after all the people are almost desperate to get Rathi off Balen, the only person she’s mad any kind of connection to is Jarrod. They are both attracted to each other but are taking it slow. There wasn't any smexy time until about page seventy, but you know, that's ok since she can tear things apart molecule by molecule. Relay does find an assignment for Rathi on Resko-Devi. The Resko-Devi beings are really just almost energy particles. Their planet is almost constantly under attack, especially from Raiders, and they have been requesting someone to come, live there and protect them. Jarrod stows away and joins her on her one-way trip to the planet. It is very amusing how protective Targo is of her but even more so how Jarrod is. She’s the first romantic connection he’s had since joining the Guard and he really doesn’t want to be separated from her. I have read all the books in this series so far, and quite frankly I love Ms. Grace’s Tales of the Citadel series. Between the romance, the Resko-Devi and the Raider attacks this is a great story! Oh, and yeah, I loved Targo too.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
March 25, 2013

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