A Wolfish Tryst at Christmas

Sandra Sookoo
Paranormal romance
Available from Twenty Less Press
ISBN: 9781301144181
November 2012

This is the third story of the Wolfish series by Ms. Sookoo. Just so you all know, the stories take place during the United States Civil War in and around Indiana. And, usually the heroes of the stories are werewolves.

This story begins with Elizabeth VanHaussen at a Christmas party in her uncle's home. She is the oldest child in her family and with her two younger brothers in the war, she is always worried. She is slightly nervous at the party, worrying, not for her brothers but for a man she is hoping to see. The man is Blake Harrison, the older brother of Caroline Harrison who we met in A Wolfish Tangle the second book in the Wolfish series. The two have been pen pals of sorts for many months, and with all correspondence it is easier to be honest on paper rather than in person. Blake manages to arrive a few hours earlier than expected. The two do the usual social niceties, they dance and mingle, then she excuses herself.

While they had only really met in person once or twice, all the letter writing did more for their courtship than almost anything else could. Elizabeth knows Blake is a werewolf yet she doesn't care about that. What she cares about is having Blake safe and in her arms. She has fallen in love with him in her writing and really hopes he feels the same. Blake only has a few hours at the party because he has missions to go on. He still rode as hard as he could to get there so he could spend a little time with his Lizzie. He and his wolf love her and want to make her theirs, not just from mating but from marriage too.

The reason I did not rated this as I did is because it was so short a story I totally felt we were missing out and it seemed most of it was either about the letter writing or the removal of clothing. Now we did not miss out on smexy time, there was plenty of it! I just wish there had been less description of all the individual period dress items and more than just the few hours the two had. This is the third in the series, and I have read and reviewed them all so far. I really do love Ms. Sookoo's writing, and I love the series! I just saw there is a fourth book that came out in January (2013) and I missed it! Yes, I will be running to get it as well. I just can't leave Ms. Sookoo's Wolfish!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
March 25, 2013

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