Two Mr. Rights

Sandra Sookoo
Contemporary romance
Available from Purple Sword Publication
ISBN: 9781612920368
May 2012

This story begins with Emily Anderson, a school teacher complaining to her best friend Lynda that her plans to adopt a child were declined because she's single and really doesn't earn enough. Sigh. Lynda convinces her to take some vacation time and go to Wisconsin and spend time with her brother Jonathan and his best friend Ben. Lynda makes sure Emily knows they are a package deal. So then we meet the boys. Ben and Jonathan have been best friends since grade school, Jonathan being the one who likes to smooth things over and Ben being the one who jumps in head first. The two of them have been misled before by women who don't want to be in the ménage life for other than satisfying the initial itch.

Emily flies to Wisconsin, they pick her up at the airport and immediately start to talk her into being a part of their lives and lifestyle. They do this because the last woman they wanted to be with totally burned them. Ben and Jon had been thrown out of their church for their lifestyle of choice. Emily wants to get to know both men and is willing to try since she took the week off. They spoil her, pay tons of attention to her, celebrate her birthday with her... did I mention they also have sex with her? Yes, there is some smexy time with her, but because this is new to her (the ménage lifestyle) she's afraid they only want her for her vacation and they are afraid she doesn't want them for the long run.

Ms. Sookoo takes the ménage romance to the hilt, but she made it a little more realistic than most ménage stories. I told you earlier in this review both Jonathan and Ben have been burned in their real lives because of the lifestyle choice they've made. Emily is concerned also about this affecting her real life as a school teacher. I like the fact that Ms. Sookoo gave us a story and this wasn't just about sex. I'm saying that she kept me emotionally and mentally involved with this story. There is plenty of hot, love making time and none of us (Ben, Jonathan, Emily and the readers) are short-changed. As usual, I am so happy I bought this book, Ms. Sookoo never disappoints!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
October 25, 2012

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