The Unbridled

Rory Michaels
Contemporary romance
Available from The Raven Books
September 2012

Travis and Matthew have been waiting for LeAnne to say goodbye to Chicago and to come back home to Macon Valley and to them. They have dreamed about a life together and he is the only woman they want to be their wife. So when she turns to visit they know that they have to make their move or lose her forever. It doesn't matter what they have to do as long as they get her to agree to stay with them.

The pen of author Rory Michaels gives reader a couple more sexy guys to turn up the heat once again giving them a sizzling and lively romance that is brimming over with sexual fire and smoking hot tension. Travis and Matthew are really likable, in-your-face characters who the reader can imagine being the super-hot boy next door. Their personalities complement each other, with Travis being a domineering Alpha with his take charge attitude and Matthew being the softer, good natured, peace-keeper of the two and between the two of them they make up the perfect combination for LeAnne to love. LeAnne a believable, independent heroine who when presented with her destiny couldn't resist it. It's clear that Travis and Matthew are lovers and have been for years but it is also clearly defined that they have talked and dreamed about LeAnne being with them and when their first evening towards a lifetime the guys realize that the night is about loving LeAnne and what follows for the reader is a sexually heated romp filled with seduction and red-hot sex! The cameo appearance from Harley and Clay, characters from the series is a nice touch and works well to support the characters as well as the lifestyle. The Unbridled is a nice addition to this smoking hot series.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
April 8, 2013

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