Under His Skin

Sidney Bristol
Contemporary romance
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419940941
July 2012

Pandora isn't looking for any kind of forever with her teenage crush, Brian Adler, just a little weekend fling filled with no holds barred sex and plenty of it. It doesn't matter that she has never forgotten her knight in shining armor when she needed him most.

Brian is blown away by the sexy, inked beauty that Pandora has become and he has no intention of letting her out of his life after just a weekend. Over the years she hasn't been far from his thoughts and he is more than ready to start a new chapter in his life with Pandora having a starring role.

Unfortunately, someone from her past isn't about to let her go and he wants her dead or alive.

Under His Skin is a story filled with sensuality and poignant issues that will not doubt have the reader's eyes tearing up by the last page with its heart-stopping action and delightful characters. The reader is treated to plenty of drama, touches of humor and right-on-the-mark dialogue as well as sexy sex scenes that heats up the pages. Brian and Pandora are strong characters who are so well-drawn they feel real to the reader; each has a distinct personality without being extreme but each of them has both flaws and good points about them. The reader will enjoy watching Pandora break through her insecurities and gain the emotional strength, showing great improvements to her character. Brian is a strong and dynamic hero who has a tortured soul who is trying to recover from tragedy and move on with his life. Pairing these two lovers together makes for an unforgettable story that grabs the reader's attention and doesn't let go! Pandora's co-workers, clients and Brian's dog Gibson are an integral part and a nice touch to the story helping to enhance scene after scene as well as Pandora's character. The ending wraps up smoothly, proving the healing power of love once again is a thing of beauty to behold between two people in love.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
August 13, 2012

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