Undone Dom

Lila Dubois
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781419936104
May 2012

Lulu knew she shouldn't go to Master Alton's. After all, he was hardcore Dom who trained lifestyle slaves for other Doms. Her friend Addie had fallen for a Dom and they had warned her about Alton. But she's drawn to him anyway. Alton has rules for his slaves and for his life. Lulu will just have to learn them. He will train her to behave as he expects. However, Lulu has other ideas. She may be submissive but she doesn't really do rules well. Alton's ordered life is about to be turned upside down.

This is the second book in the Undone Lovers series and one of the most entertaining stories I've read in some time. The premise of a feisty, unconventional woman being trained by an exacting, unemotional Dom could become tawdry on so many levels, but it never does. I love that neither and both Alton and Lulu change themselves for the other. Their encounters are steamy, erotic and very sensual. There's plenty of kink and short a f/f scene; not usually my preference but it's nicely done. However, it's the emotional journey in my opinion that is the best part of this story. It's sweet and touching. The author has taken a sexy BDSM story and added humor and warmth to create something really memorable. I do hope there are more stories to come as Ms. Dubois is now on my automatic buy list.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Susan P.
July 24, 2012

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