Werewolves In London

Karilyn Bentley
Paranormal romance
Available from The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 978-1-61217-203-3
June 2012

Vonda meets Tom and she feels an uncontrollable attraction. The good news is that he feels the same way. She hasn't had a lot of luck with men, but all thoughts of that vanishes when she's in the same room with Tom. Will Tom still want her when he learns the truth about what she really is? Will he be able to trust her to help him find his daughter when she is kidnapped?

I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. I liked Vonda in both of her human and furry forms. Her inner monologue was funny at times. She was brave enough to try having a relationship with a man when in the past she had been hurt before. Tom thought he would never feel passion for a woman after his wife passed away. Vonda proves him wrong from their very first meeting. I liked Tom he accepted Vonda the way she was, and also was man enough to accept her help in finding his daughter. I also liked Sam Tom's cute and smart dog because thanks to him Vonda and Tom meet. The love scenes between them are very hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Janie Esparza
August 14, 2012

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