Wicked Whispers

Nina Bangs
Paranormal romance
Available from Berkley
ISBN: 978-0-425-25313-7
October 2012

To Ivy, the perfect life would be completely normal, calm and safe. So how did she end up working as a personal assistant at an adult theme park? At least she's not part of the entertainment but still. Oh well, she's determined not to be like her flaky father and leave this job no matter what. But then she meets Murmur who literally draws her to him like she's never experienced before. If she was smart, she would pack up and leave no matter how much she wants this job. Especially as she starts learning surprising things, not only about the Castle and it's inhabitants, but ultimately about herself as well. Will her trust in Murmur prove to be the best or the worst decision she's ever made since her life may very well depend upon it?

I love this series by Ms. Bang. The cast of characters has grown over the years but she somehow still manages to weave incredibly tight, compelling, stories with new occupants who are drawn to the Castle. The other thing I love is that they never feel repetitive. She keeps the things that enhance the stories and gives all the new stories their own distinct quirks. Murmur is a great character. I love the battle he's waging both internally and externally and his developing relationship with Ivy is equally as captivating. They both have their own trust issues and yet they can't help the draw that's pulling them together. And boy, when they get together do they have some spicy chemistry. Besides, who in their right mind can resist reading more of the relationship between Sparkle and Ganymede, not to mention when you throw Asima into the mix! And finally yes, this can be read as a completely stand alone book, but just be warned, most people I know who read these books get completely hooked and can't stop at just one!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Amy Hopkins
October 25, 2012

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