Witch Way to Turn

Karen Bynum
Young adult
Available from Lyrical Press
ISBN: 9781616503994
August 2012
Breena Cross's life has never been easy. Things go from bad to worse when odd things start happening and she becomes aware of her halfling status. All that really matters to her, though, is how it will impact her ability to keep her foster sister safe. Her attraction to both Myles, her hot co-worker she just found out is a vampire, and Orin, the preternatural assassin who disobeyed the order to kill her, only complicates things. Learning to control her newfound powers and accepting help from both Myles and Orin is the only way she'll get custody of her sister.

The reason for Breena's concern for the safety of her sister, Jenny, and the depth of their connection is apparent from the very beginning. She discovers her power while protecting them both from their foster mother's lecherous boyfriend. Jenny is really the reason for everything Breena does, and the only bright spot Breena has had in her short life. The strength of their bond and Breena's willingness to do anything to protect Jenny illustrates the kind of person she is and makes her a very sympathetic character. Of course, the confusion she feels in regard to her developing feelings for both Myles and Orin also makes her a very realistic and human character. Their feelings for Breena also bring out the best in both boys and show the good they're capable of doing in a world where bad things seem to keep piling up.

This is a book that will hook readers who enjoy the supernatural and make them want more. The magical machinations going on behind the scenes remain shrouded in mystery while the love triangle and the bond between the sisters takes center stage. That mystery only deepens the further one gets into the story, especially when the parentage of both Breena and Jenny is revealed. There are some interesting twists throughout this book, especially toward the end, that will leave readers anxious for the promised sequel.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Karin
January 12, 2005

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