Last Resort

Rolynn Anderson
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Something was wrong.

Her eyes snapped open, startling him. "So let me get this right. You look into the fraud thing with an eye open to my sabotage problems. I don't interact with you, even though you have access to all my documents and computer programs. You do all this work in secret while we show the world we can't get along. I'm not allowed to tell a soul about our arrangement." She took a breath. "Have I got it right?"

"Well said." Neal trailed his fingers down her neck to the bathrobe collar, wishing he could see her in silks again. Better: in the bikini. Best: in nothing.

"I hate it."

"Yeah. But it's my way to keep you safe and your reputation intact."

She took his hands and gazed at them, seeming to search for answers by the feel of her hands in his. "I hardly know you, Neal. The risk...the trust."


"I have trouble thinking straight when you're around." She raised her eyes to his. "I think more clearly when you're gone," she said, placing her hands on his chest. "But I feel...I'm more alive when you're here, especially when I can touch you." She shook her head and gently thumbed his lips. "I have this crazy need to make you smile."

"Right now I'd settle for undoing the knot on your bathrobe."

She laughed.

God, he wished he didn't have to get serious. "Rena."


"Something's very wrong here at Big Bay. I can feel it, but I can't find it."

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