What a Girl Wants

Selena Robins
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€śWill Work For Sex."

Maddie Saunders read the message stitched on the pink lace panties and grinned. "Oh, my." She dangled a black thong before her girlfriend's eyes. "And look what this baby says: 'Just Do Me.'"

"Love it." Reece Anderson picked up a pair of white panties from another bin. "Feel how soft these are." She handed them to Maddie. "They're made out of macrobiotic bamboo."

"They should print 'Eat Organic' on them."

Reece laughed and scooped up three pairs and dropped them into a shopping basket already laden with lingerie. "You never told me about your uncle's dinner party. Did you connect with the guy he tried to set you up with?"

Maddie slipped a black camisole off the rack. "I couldn't connect with that guy if he was a Snickers bar and I had PMS."

"Ouch. Who was it? Anybody I know?"

"The new director of publications, Robert Neilson." If Uncle G. weren't her boss and

publisher of New York's Eye on the World magazine, she would have given him major attitude for trying to hook her up with the college-educated caveman.

"I met him last week," Reece said with a thoughtful expression. "He's kinda cute in a commitment-ready sort of way."

"Yeah." Maddie headed to the change rooms. "He made it very clear he's ready for a Wilma to complement his Fred Flintstone personality."

Reece followed her inside the large cubicle and shut the door. "Didn't you say you were coming out of dating exile and gearing up for a relationship?"

Maddie took her brown leather jacket off, cloaked it on the back of a chair, and glanced at her blonde friend in the mirror. "I don't want a relationship. I want sex. Sweaty, no-strings attached sex. The kind that's so freaking hot the neighbors will light cigarettes afterwards."

"Good luck with that." Reece laughed and shook her head. "My booty call runs a distant second to a Brad Pitt marathon and cheesecake."

Maddie gathered her hair into a ponytail. "At least you have a booty to call."

"He's history."

"I thought things were working out great with your arrangement," Maddie said.

"For about five minutes." Reece put her purse on the chair. "Our conversations consisted of him telling me what he likes in bed. When he called, he never asked how I was doing. He never picked up the tab or even offered to split for takeout. We had fun in bed, but that grew old real fast." She sighed. "Last time we hooked up he told me to hurry because he wanted his turn."

"He sounds like a selfish bore," Maddie said. "No wonder you never introduced me to him. I probably would have told him so."

"I know you would have." Reece nodded. "I should have known better. With no strings in the relationship, it was always about him." She unbuttoned her coat and slipped it off. "Still think you want casual sex?"

"Yup. I'll take my chances." Maddie took Reece's coat and draped it over hers. "I'm sorry you met an insensitive he-man and I'm glad you didn't put up with any more of his BS. But I'm long overdue." She toed off her ankle boots. "I've ignored my lust life for way too long."

Over the past few years, Maddie had been devoting herself to her career. Her twenty-eight-year-old hormones were now giving off signals like liquid gave off vapor.

She owed it to herself to embrace and liberate her inner sex siren. But not a one-night stand of meaningless sex with a plenty-of-game stranger -- or a college-educated caveman. Not her style. Not that forever love was her style, either. How could the daughter of a flake who'd married half a dozen times even believe in forever love?

No, she wanted red-blazing sex, ripped from the pages of Venus Envy magazine, and then some with an experienced take-charge man. A guy she trusted and connected with on every level.

A flush of heat spread across her forehead at the thought of releasing her inhibitions. Maddie unraveled the scarf around her neck and gave her face a quick swipe. "It's time I have a fling."

"I've flung my last fling." Reece emptied the lingerie items and placed them on the bench. "The big three-oh is just around the corner. Love and marriage is the answer for me."

"If marriage is the answer then I'll take another question."

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