Easy Writer Assistant

I will do your Whatever Work so you can do your Clever Work.

Got Book, Will Blurb

I’ll create strong, gotcha blurbs for your romance novel – or other genre book. $5.00 (no additional discount)


With my 15 years of professional writing experience and in writing 28 published books, I am highly experienced and have completed a huge amount of research. I am thorough, fast, and accurate. I use the internet, the phone, libraries, books, organizations, whatever I need to. I always try to get at least three solid sources and I never use Wikipedia as a source.

Other Tasks

I ghost write blog posts, create list of 25 – 50 keywords per book for Amazon, create plot ideas per the genre you want, create character descriptions, I’ll update catalogs of your latest books at author group sites and other organizations including Authorgraph, and author pages at Goodreads, Amazon, RWA, Broad Universe, and others, update or rewrite bios including Linkin bios, and I can also pretty much perform any writing assistant task you need. I offer over 15 years of professional writing experience including writing 28 published books, and over 20 years of administrative clerical work. I also ghost write fiction stories and books at a fee of 5 cents per word.

Except for book blurbs my rate is $15.00 – $25.00 per hour depending on service and all TRS authors get 20% off.

There is no discount on $5.00 book blurbs.



References and samples are available upon request.