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Hi friends! I’m Tory Richards, otherwise known as a fun-loving grandma who loves to read and write smut. I’m also a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and friend. My closest friends know me as an outspoken, opinionated, say it how it is witch with a b but that’s how I roll.

I was born in Maine, but have lived most of my life in Florida where I went to school, married and raised my daughter. I retired from Disney a few short years ago to focus on life, which includes spending more time with family, friends, traveling and writing. And let’s not forget my furry family. I have four cats.

I knew at the age of ten that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Spent hours penning stories by hand until at thirteen Santa brought me a manual typewriter. Then at seventeen I got an electric one. But nothing compared to my first computer. Best invention since bread!

I write romances of all kinds. Erotic, suspense, interracial, paranormal, full length, short, and novellas. But one thing you won’t find in any of my stories, a cliffhanger! And all of my books have a HEA or HEAF ending. My favorite part of writing is the editing, and the book covers. I get a thrill seeing my characters come to life!

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