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“Love happens when you least expect it!” Livia Quinn

 Livia Quinn is a DC native who lives on the bayou in Louisiana with her husband and Cajun husky, Dusty. She gets her inspiration from the state’s fascinating culture and weather and her love of stories with emotion, family, and love of community. So, you’ll find small towns, humor, quirky characters, and lots of love in her stories. There are nine books in her paranormal series, the Destiny Paramortals, and seven in the Calloways of Rainbow Bayou (and more to come in both).

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Destiny — is it Mayberry or Middle Earth? Where dragons, vampires and a family of djinn live alongside humans, just don’t tell the humans, including the sheriff.

A series of strange events have Tempest Pomeroy reeling. Between her Djinn brother missing, the body she discovered in the clubhouse, and her quickening Tempestaerie powers approaching, not to mention all the Alphas in her world going crazy, well… to say she’s having a bad day would be like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on the Gulf Coast.

Tempe is a mail carrier and a Paramortal like her family, but until now, with only a few measly talents, she thought she might be adopted.

There’s an immediate attraction between her and Destiny’s hunky new sheriff, ex-Navy pilot Jack Lang, who’s investigating the odd occurrences, but it won’t last. All the men in Tempe’s life leave eventually.

Oh, and the sheriff? He thinks he’s settled in a normal small town to raise his teenage daughter—like Mayberry?! We’ll see how that turns out… As the Para-moon approaches and more non-humans arrive in Destiny, will Jack stick around, or grab his dauther and take the next jet out of Middle Earth?

The books should be read in order since it is the continuing saga of Jack and Tempe and the rest of Destiny’s supernatural citizens. Jack and Tempe’s Paramortal journey delivers epiphanies and surprises that will have you turning the pages to the end.

Like books by Molly Harper, Michelle Rowen and Kristen Painter? Then you’ll love the snarky humor and quirky characters of Destiny.

Coming in the Spring, Destiny’s Child, book 7 in the Destiny Paramortals


Readers say – “ok, I am hooked! I am so ready to know the rest of the story from this series.”  This series is like a mini-vacation away from the real world.” “I don’t normally read books that are based on fantasy but love Livia Quinn’s books so gave this one a try. So glad I did!” “I love this book…run don’t walk to the buy button.”



Storm Crazy Bonus Edition (Storm Crazy & Cry Me a River)

Excerpt from Storm Crazy, book 1 in the Destiny Paramortals

I heard a quiet click of metal behind me, spun around and swallowed a startled gasp. I was staring into the barrel of a mean looking gun, and at the other end of that rigid grip was an even meaner looking Jack Lang, the one I hadn’t met until now, a cold-as-ice predator. His knuckles were white but his arm was steady as a granite mountain.

“Where’s…my…daughter?” he growled. One muscle actually twitched as silver eyes whitened into pure frost. If he was trying to scare me, he’d succeeded.

A sound rumbled up from his chest like that of an animal. “What have you done with Jordie?”

Recognition came in a flash. I smacked my hand against my forehead. “I knew I recognized her.”

His eyes seemed to take on an angular appearance, brows winging up, but the gun never wavered. “Woman, you’d better start talking or you’re not going to like my next move.”

Not an animal—a papa-bear.

I’m sorry.”

He gave a snarl of pain and grabbed me. “What do you mean you’re sorry?”

“I mean…” I squirmed in his bruising grip. ”I’m sorry I didn’t put it together.”

He roared, “What the hell are you talking about? Where is Jor—”

“She’s at your parents’.” It finally dawned on me; he thought I’d kidnapped his daughter. Zeus’ newborn godling!

“You’re lying. I was just there.” He recoiled when I put my hand on his arm, but thankfully, he was professional enough not to pull the trigger. My guess: he was probably tempted.

“Call her,” I suggested.

He pointed his finger at me and said, “You. Don’t. Move.”

This time, I obeyed.

He eyed the amphora I clutched to my chest but said nothing. Pulling out his cell, he spoke into it, “Call. Dad.” I could tell when Jordie came on the line. His shoulders relaxed and even in the dark his eyes shone with relief.

He spoke deliberately, “We’re going to have a talk when I get there about getting into vehicles with strangers.” The word strangers was more of a snarl than a word. Then, “I know. Still goes. I lov—.”

His lids lowered briefly as a frustrated sound escaped his throat and he squeezed the phone. He lowered the gun. I thought he was leaving. Just like that. Then he spun around toward the house his face in profile, planted his hands on his hips and looked up at the sky like he was waiting for some kind of divine intervention. The whole time I watched his aura change and vent, like colored steam pouring from a teakettle.

I saw the minute he’d made his decision, his shoulders relaxed, his aura turning a cool Caribbean blue. Now that I knew he was Jordie’s father, I wasn’t as intimidated as I’d been looking down the barrel of his gun.

“You’ve done a wonderful job with Jordie, Sheriff. She’s a great kid.”

He holstered the gun with more force than necessary. “And you’re an expert on parenting, I suppose.”

Low blow. I should have expected that I guess. So much for a truce.

“I know a bit. Now, if you’ve come to arrest me, do it. Otherwise, I’ve had a hell of a day. I want a long hot bath and a cold glass of sweet tea.”

“You think you can just walk away after what you did? I ought to haul you off to jail.”

Anger flared, “I gave a teenager a ride—your teenager, an act of kindness that may put the nail in my employment coffin in the morning.”

That serpentine glare returned. I seemed to bring out his inner dragon. “You…escaped custody,” he gritted.

“Hello…” I threw up my hand. “I don’t remember being arrested, just illegally detained.” I punctuated that with a poke to his chest.

Big mistake.


The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou, a contemporary small-town romance series centered around the Calloway family and their cousins – the Larues – in Rainbow Bayou. The bayou surrounding Larue was named by our Native Americans for its reflection of the colorful sky as it flowed from the river to the lake.

Rainbows evoke themes of hope, renewal, second chances, and the promise of new beginnings. In Native American legends double rainbows represented serendipity and magic.

So just like magic, the Calloway novels are stories of love, community, and life—of hope and second chances, reminding one that love can happen out of the blue, when you least expect it.

If you love series like Lucky Harbor, Virgin River, the Calloways and Gansett Island, try this contemporary family romance series by Livia Quinn. The books are standalones but will best be enjoyed in order as you’ll recognize characters from previous books.


Readers say “Love this series.” “If you love your main characters smart and sassy then this story is for you.” “A series with so much heart and love you’ll want to follow each couple to their happy ever-after.” “The best romantic suspense of the year.”


Release dates for the Calloways of Rainbow Bayou   Buy links to all retailers

When the Right One Comes Along

Too Good to Be True                 

Only the Heart Remembers      9/15

Christmas Wishes 10/2  

At Long Last Love 10/15

It Had to Be You   11/2  

Christmas Vows    11/30

All books are #99cents during preorder and a few days after so take advantage of the sale

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Excerpt from Too Good to Be True

The thug stood behind the cashier holding a sliver of glass at her neck, a mirrored spike capable of doing much more than the drop of blood trickling down the frightened woman’s neck indicated. She was crying, and shivering so hard he worried that any she would faint and simply impale herself on the deadly weapon.

Eye contact with the man—kid rather—revealed he was high, his movements twitchy, pupils dilated. His bloodshot eyes darted from the window to the door and back to Luc. Luc could have handled the situation if it had just been him and Meth Head. He was probably hoping to get out of there before the police arrived. As long as Luc had been coming into the tiny grocery, Mrs. Phan had been the one behind the register. She wouldn’t have missed the chance to press the silent alarm.

“I’m coming around the corner. Easy now, my gun is pointed at the ceiling.” As promised he held the gun up, pointed at the ceiling, his grip loose. In a low non-threatening voice he said, “Put that glass down, son, and let the lady go, before this turns into something you’re not prepared to handle.”

Speaking to the cashier, Luc said, “Do you have money in the register, ma’am?”

“Don’t talk to her!” the man screamed, blood spurting off his hand as he gripped the glass tighter.

Luc held his hands out palm up, “Calm down now. I’m just trying to get you what you want without anybody getting hurt. You need money, right? And what else, liquor? Cigs? You seem like a smart guy,” not. “If we can get you fixed up, you can leave and everybody wins. What do you think about that?”

Meth Head snarled, “What I think is you should bring me that gun. Put it on the counter.” To make his point, he pressed the point of the makeshift weapon to the cashier’s cheek and drew blood. “Make it quick.”

The cashier whimpered again and Luc knew his time was running out. He’d hoped the cops would be here by now and a solution would present itself in the form of a sniper round through the front window. Since that hadn’t happened, his options were limited so he stuck with his plan.

“Okay, be calm. I’m going to lay it down on the counter like you said. See?” He spun the gun around slowly in his hand and palmed it. Holding the barrel he placed it on the corner of the counter.

“Back away over there. I mean it.”

It was obvious he did. Luc raised his hands in a gesture of peace and took a step back. One step only.

The man dropped the glass as he picked up the gun and placed it under the woman’s chin. His voice held new confidence as he nodded at the cash register and ordered, “Now, empty this drawer and put it in that bag.” He gestured with the point of the gun to his worn duffle bag.

“Man, watch where you point that thing okay?” Luc said, putting a crazy concern in his voice.

“Shut up.” Jabbing the gun in Mrs. Phan’s direction he said to Luc, “Fill it. And put some Dorals and two bottles of Jack in there too.” Luc did as the man said, setting the small bag on the edge of the counter.

The junkie shoved the woman down on the floor in front of him and ordered her to “stay put” then he pointed the gun at Luc. “Move out of my way,” he ordered as he shouldered the duffle, suddenly in a hurry to leave.

Luc stepped back letting him think he’d relaxed his guard, but as Meth Head came around the counter, Luc moved. His opponent pointed the gun at him, “Get back,” but Luc stepped into his body and grabbed the gun, twisting it out of his grip with his left hand and clocking him on the side of the head with his right. Luc saw the whites of the thug’s eyes as he fell backwards into a display of beer and rolled over onto his face. Before relief could take hold, another little niggle of apprehension hit him.

“Put the gun down,” said an authoritative female voice. With his back to the voice, Luc raised his hands, again loosening his grip on the handle of the gun.

The clipped voice came again, “Be smart. Don’t think you’re going to try any Special Forces tricks on me. Lay the gun on the floor gently, kick it over here, and lie face down, hands clasped behind your head.”

Luc leaned forward placing the gun near his foot, then did as she ordered.

“Now, on the ground.”

“I’m not the criminal here. The robber—”

“On the ground now,” she barked. “Hands behind your head.”

Luc complied, knowing the cops would sort out the details after talking with the cashier. The sounds of sobbing came from behind the counter and Luc listened as the officer in charge directed someone to check on the woman. Meth Head’s foot jammed against Luc’s side as he prepared to sprint away. Luc reacted automatically, grabbing the thug’s ankle in an iron grip.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The female officer squatted next to him and bent over so he could see her face. It was an arresting face. No puns here. Hair like corn silk draped over her shoulder in a thick braid, and eyes like mad Texas bluebonnets glared at him. Eyes like that should never glare, he thought. They should be softened from a long night of…back to earth, Luc.

He tapped his forehead on the floor and wagged his head back and forth but only replaced one hand on his head, the other was still firmly clasped around the wriggling form of her perp. “Making sure my efforts didn’t go for naught,” he said.


Coming Dec 6 The Heart of a Hunk a 20 author boxset with Livia’s book Undone.

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